CYMHPP Strategic Action Plan (SAP)

Vision: All Children and Youth will reach their highest potential in school, home, and community life.

Mission: The Child and Youth Mental Health Planning Partnership will work together to promote the mental health of Travis County children and youth.

Values: All activities and deliverables should be strength-based and culturally competent.

December 2004

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Roles Goals Objectives Deliverables Timeline
1. Lead planning body for children's mental health Provide the community with a vehicle (planning body) for participating in CMH planning
  1. Hold monthly (11) meetings of the CYMHPP
  2. Develop one (1) policy statement/brief identifying broad CMH needs for Travis County
  1. Identify broad child and youth mental health needs
  2. Develop an action plan to address the needs
  1. 12/05
  2. 12/05
2. Educate and advocate Educate the community on issues impacting children, youth and families
  1. Develop two (2) training opportunities for the community
  2. Develop an action plan for the development of an AISD clearinghouse
  1. Provide training/training opportunities
  2. Develop AISD clearinghouse (information on services/supports available), resource mapping
  1. 12/05
  2. 12/05 (action plan)
3. Review and disseminate data and information Provide current and credible information to the community on CMH Develop one (1) CMH FAQ with the Community Action Network Review and communicate data (e.g., CAN FAQ's. etc.) to include outcomes for Systems of Care and Positive Behavior Supports 05/05
4. Identify community resources and needs Inform the community of the CMH resources/needs for Systems of Care Develop one (1) policy statement/brief on a Systems of Care continuum Identify broad Systems of Care Continuum for children's mental health, to include parent participation as a critical element 08/05
5. Facilitate collaborations and partnerships Clarify roles and responsibilities of key partners in CMH Develop a working agreement with key partners Working agreement 06/05