About the Child and Youth Mental Health

The Child and Youth Mental Health Planning Partnership is comprised of many dedicated and experienced professionals working together to promote the mental health of Travis County children and youth. The CYMHPP is an issue area group for the Community Advancement Network (CAN). Monthly meetings heighten the community's awareness of emerging issues for children and families, and provide opportunities for networking and advocacy. CYMHPP always welcomes new partners who would like to join and become active members! Our online application is available here. The Child and Youth Mental Health Planning Partnership meets the last Thursday of each month at Austin Travis County Integral Care – 1700 S. Lamar, Rm 102* in the Large Training Room unless otherwise noted. Go here to see our meeting calendar.

The Surgeon General's Report on Mental Health defines Children's Mental Health as "the achievement of expected developmental cognitive, social, and emotional milestones and by effective coping skills. Mentally healthy children and adolescents enjoy a positive quality of life; function well at home, in school, and in their communities; and are free of disabling symptoms of psychopathology" (USDHHS, 1999, p. 123). As parents seek to maintain their children's physical health through immunizations, dental hygiene, and physical checkups, it is equally important to ensure the mental health of children and adolescents is developed appropriately.

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