Basic Needs and Mental Health Access
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Many times, families with mental health challenges are unable to access resources, not because they're not aware of the resources, but more so because they are more in need of basic necessities – food, beds, clothes, shelter, transportation.

When families are homeless, and/or are living with family and friends, their priority is getting their family stable, and that doesn't always include mental health counseling. However, it is a double-edge sword – instability within the family can cause mental health issues to arise and/or current mental health issues can be exacerbated when instability occurs within the family.

Having parents connect with United Way's 211 as the point of entry for basic resources may be a more positive method in working with families who have mental health challenges. By helping families link with 211, we are able to establish a positive relationship with them, and they then may be more willing to follow through with mental health counseling.

United Way - 211

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